Customized import and export

Arusha Freight & Transport is licensed to clear all import and export cargo within Tanzania. We work with our partners to handle shipments through any port of entry/exit in Tanzania or within the East African Region.

Whether you are a business who imports and exports on regular a schedule or are a family moving into or out of the region, we can help. Our tailor made products based on your needs and specifications ensure your goods reach their specified destinations properly packed and delivered according to every detail. Our comprehensive service even includes local door to door delivery for all incoming goods.

As your agent we will prepare all documentation for importing or exporting your goods, consult with you, process your documents and effect actual clearance of the goods in or out of the port of entry/exit. No matter where you are importing from or exporting to, Arusha Freight & Transport can create a solution that fits your needs.

import and export in east Africa

import and export your household goods in Tanzania